Well there really is a first time for everything….

I did it! After years, weeks, months of deciding I made a blog and made it public. Now in real life I am a shy person but I challenged myself to step out of my “comfort zone” and just do it. 🙂 I had to choose between living a lifestyle for the next 60 years or try to make something of myself, by reading this blog I hope you know which one I choose. This is exciting and I am ready to try something new which will take me to new places, where ill meet new people and create many opportunities! See ya on the next one! 🙂

– Lovely

Lets Talk?

Are you bored? Want something new to read? Or do you want to add a topic to any conversation? Well…. you found the right blog 🙂 Hi, my name is lovely and its always good to let go of your opinions and discover new facts, think about new things or try something new, So with that said sit back, relax and pull up a topic and discover yourself with me.


Thanks for stopping by

–  Lovely