Which one?

This week has been CRAZY!!!…. not to mention I have alot of task on my plate ( I can be an over-achiever at times) 🙂 But, I have been faced with alot of choices I had to make. Some by choice and others by force. I don’t know about you but as I get older the harder the choices get. Which brings me to the question, Should you follow your heart or your mind?
I know this is “cliche” BUT it is a serious issue. I feel like, when I choose to think rationally about a situation I make it a bigger deal than it originally was or I do the opposite and not think it through enough. But, when I follow my gut or my “heart”, Im going off a feeling and that makes me feel SUPER insecure. So, what should I do when faced with an issue? Follow my heart of my mind? Or find that sweet medium?

Well until next time,

Lovely <3

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