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How to clean a shag rug

Shag rugs are the perfect accent to any room, it can take the room from flop to fab in seconds, but when they are in need of cleaning this material can be very hard to clean. So, here are 5 different ways to clean a shag rug. Shake: To clean your shag rug, start with Read More

How to find your “GO-TO” style

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12 Fairy Tales :)

Don’t step on the crack or you’ll break your mothers back, sounds familiar? Haha, brings me back to jump roping in elementary school. Well, wives tales have been passed down from mother to daughters and fathers to son FOREVER, I thought I’d write a list and see of the many I have heard then check Read More

The “NEW”style!

Hello everyone, Have you noticed how well Swae lee dresses? He has a lot of different styles but I think he mostly falls under Punk Rock/ Rock style, which is super edgy and you are always left on the tip of your seat waiting for the next outfit! Just like his music he’s suitable for Read More

5 Easy Ways To Accept Yourself

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Challenge Accepted….

I did it! After years, weeks,  even months of deciding. I FINALLY CREATED A BLOG! In my daily life, I’m a painfully shy person, but I challenged myself to step out of my “comfort zone” and just do it. 🙂 I had to choose between living a lifestyle for the next 60 years or try to Read More

Let’s Talk?

Are you bored? Would you like something new to read? Or maybe you want to plan your outfits for next season? Well…. you found the right blog 🙂 Hi, my name is lovely and its always good to let go of your opinions and discover new viewpoints , think about new things or try something Read More